Trabzon Wind Blows in EMİTT

Mustafa Akkaya, Deputy Secretary General of Traction Metropolitan Municipality, who is particularly interested in the visitors of the Traction stand by joining EMİTT.

The Eastern Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Fair (EMITT), which welcomes its visitors at TÜYAP Exhibition Center, continues with the participation of more than 4,500 institutions, organizations and towns in 71 countries. 
The fair opened to its visitors on January 22nd and will continue until the evening of January 25th to take the next step.

Deputy Prime Minister of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Akkaya, who is particularly interested in the visitors of the Trabzon booth by joining EMİTT, has lost Trabzon’s success in tourism in 2015 and will achieve even more important achievements in the sector in recent years.

EMİTT Turkey participated in the fair and noted that the world’s opportunity to promote the sector representatives from various countries in Trabzon Akkaya, “the Metropolitan Municipality of Trabzon in Trabzon on behalf of the development of tourism are taking very important steps. The tender of our botanical park has been completed and construction works have started. In addition to the botanical park, which has an extremely important importance for tourism, we have realized many other investments that are important for the sector and we are working on many investment points. While investing, we carry out training and similar activities jointly with our tradesmen and tourism sector representatives in order to increase the service quality. We are ready to do our part in order to get Trabzon what it deserves from tourism and we continue to take important steps ”.

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