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Chemical Fertiliser

Chemical Fertiliser

Fertiliser is one of the handy things invented and found of for all those who are a part of the agriculture business or the farming business. The meaning of fertilizer is a material of synthetic or natural origin that is applied to soils or plants that supplies nutrients that are essential for a healthy growth of a plant. Majorly, most plants and every plant has a need for fertilizer. From all types they all have specific types of fertilizer like for palm oil plantation in Malaysia, they will have their own palm oil fertiliser malaysia. There are majorly two types of fertilizer, which can be called natural or organic fertilizer, and the other one is chemical fertilizer. Chemical fertilizer is usually composed of matter that is inorganic or chemicals that can be synthesised chemically. Chemical fertilizers can be also known as straight fertilizers. This is due to chemical fertilizers mostly supplying only one primary nutrient for the plants that is usually known as NPK. NPK stands for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

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There are many benefits to using chemical fertilizers as well as some bad things associated with chemical fertilizers. One of the benefits to using chemical fertilizer, it is usually more affordable and cheaper compared organic or natural fertilizers. Farmers tend to mix in the NPK ratio to get all three for their crops and plants but this requires skill and over fertilizing your plant is not good for its growth. Another benefit is that is is a fast release fertilizer that means that the nutrients will be readily available for your plants and crops immediately after put. This ensures you need to make sure that you apply the fertilizer at the right place and time as this bad for the soil. The bad thing about using chemical fertilizer is that it usually takes its toll on the soil and is bad as it can ruin environments if it over fertilized. When this happens when it rains the remaining fertilizer chemicals will seep into the river. If you plan to start your own fertilizer business, then you should consider educating yourself with what is SEO and include it in your marketing efforts.

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