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Purpose of Publication: Nabiz61.com Trabzon, in Turkey and abroad as well as in every environment to support the initiative to obtain information on the Internet environment, informative, informative, stimulating and educational news to publish. The sound of Trabzon to the world and the heart rate of Trabzon Use of Information, Documents and Archives:

I Nabiz61.Co; Republic of Turkey and the news issued by the national news agency, the news is distributed to subscribers by world news agencies, news produced by its news team, as well as specifying Trabzon source of news produced by local media elements and information to its readers by adding original comments. Following these publications, it undertakes to correct the news about the otherwise fixed events and to remove news, photos and images if necessary. Polyphony and Participatory Publishing: Nabiz61.com Provides readers the opportunity to share their views with the public by adding readers’ comments panel below each news so that readers can share their ideas and thoughts with the public on the news, reflecting different views and all views on the subject.

Accuracy, honesty is the unchanging principle: Nabiz61.com Applies the principle of accurate and honest publishing in all news published. It does not publish false and false news. It examines all aspects of events and ensures that public perception is formed correctly. Non- prejudiced Approach: Nabiz61.com It is a preoccupied, obsessive approach that is free of prejudices at every stage of the research from presentation to presentation. Reliability:Nabiz61.com takes responsibility for self-confidence and works to protect it.

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