5 Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

Your Health Comes First

Our health should be among our top priorities in life. However, most of us are so busy trying to succeed or have fun, that we often neglect our health in the process. Many of us do not put in the necessary effort to take care of ourselves, complaining that we simply do not have the time, only to suffer in the long term. However, if you neglect your body for too long, it starts showing symptoms of distress such as low body temperature, poor digestion and insomnia or sleep problems. 

Therefore, it is necessary to notice these signs early on, so that you can take better care of your body, and adopt a healthier lifestyle. But what does that mean exactly? 

A healthy life entails eating a variety of foods in order to get all the necessary  nutrients your body requires, remaining physically active through daily exercises, as well as taking care of your mental health. Of course, implementing these habits into your routine is a much more daunting task than it sounds. However, there are several steps that you can take to ensure a longer and happier life.

1. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Eating healthy means having a balanced diet in order to provide your body with all the nutrients it requires. The most important thing to remember is to eat at least three meals a day i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try not to skip any meals, as this can cause your blood sugar to drop, and metabolism to slow down. Try to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals, as they are known to be natural sources of vitamins, dietary fibre, and potassium, which is good for regulating blood pressure. 

You should also try to include more meat, beans, and nuts into your diet, as well as foods rich in fibre such as pasta, rice and bread. Simultaneously, cut down on foods rich in fat, salt, cholesterol and sugar. Moreover, you should eat smaller portions overall in order to maintain a healthy body weight. 

2. Exercise & Stay Physically Active

Exercising is not just extremely beneficial, it is actually necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Lack of physical activity makes you more prone to weight gain, diabetes, coronary heart disease and heart problems. On the other hand, exercise is known to improve balance and flexibility, as well as strengthen muscles and bones. 

Moreover, staying physically active also benefits your mental health. Regular exercise is known to elevate your mood, build confidence and reduce overall stress and anxiety. At an average, you should be exercising at least 30 minutes per day, although these do not necessarily have to be at a stretch. Exercise can be done in any shape or form, whether it’s taking up a sport, hitting the gym or practicing yoga or pilates at your respective apartments like G residence for sale, Seni Mont Kiara for rent, and for sale Pantai Hillpark Bangsar south. The properties for sale can be viewed at Edgeprop‘s website.

3. Quit Unhealthy Habits

There is no doubt over the fact that smoking cigarettes in any amount or capacity is detrimental for your health. Smoking can lead to fatal diseases such as lung cancer, liver cancer, heart disease and strokes.In fact, smoking has the ability to damage just about any part of your body including the pancreas, uterus, mouth, and kidneys. 

On the other hand, while alcohol can be consumed in moderation, i.e. not more than 2 drinks, excessive drinking can damage your liver and impair your judgement. Moreover, it can also affect your mental health, as dependence on alcohol can aggravate depression and anxiety in individuals, as well as lead to social withdrawal.

For this reason, cutting down on smoking and drinking can vastly improve the quality of your life in all aspects – physically, emotionally and financially. 

Have trouble quitting smoking? Check out this video below for ways to control your cravings.

4. Get Enough Sleep

A good night’s sleep is imperative, especially for your mental wellbeing. Giving your body the proper rest it needs will improve productivity, concentration, cognition and performance. On the other hand,  lack of sleep can have a drastic impact on your mood, and social interactions as a result. If you do not receive proper rest, you tend to feel irritable throughout the day, and have trouble recalling details or remembering simple tasks.

This is because your mood is elevated as your body processes emotions while its resting, and hence you will have more positive thoughts throughout the day after a good night’s sleep. Sleep is also closely linked to a healthier heart, as your body regulates blood pressure when it is at rest. It is also equally important to invest in a good mattress and aligns your spine while you sleep. Examples of comfortable beds can be found at apartments like rent room G Residence and Seni Mont Kiara for sale

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5. Self Care & Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Spend time with yourself, take strolls among nature, write out your thoughts, and just take a break from everything that threatens your mental peace. This could mean cutting off toxic relationships from your life, or leaving a job that no longer serves your purpose and surround yourself with positive vibes instead. 

Take out some time each day to meditate and listen to soothing music in order to guide your otherwise wandering mind. Although meditation is fruitful around nature, it can also be done in front of a good view from the balcony or favourite in the house at G Residen, Pantai Hillpark and Seni Mont Kiara

However, if you suffer from frequent feelings of depression and anxiety, talk to someone or set up a meeting with a therapist to figure out the underlying cause of your problems. 

Do not wait for a sickness or traumatic event to make your physical and mental health a priority. Start today, and set realistic goals to follow one day at a time; such as reducing your habit of smoking, drinking more water, or going to bed on time. We hope these tips prove useful in your journey towards happy living. 

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